Dr. Allana Polo's RESET Program for Weight Loss

Smart Changes for Lasting Weight Loss Results

This course is a must for anyone who wants to learn more about fuelling their body with the important balanced nutrients they need to not only shed pounds but keep them off for life. Award-winning Naturopath Dr. Allana Polo has taken everything she knows about creating a healthy lifestyle and introduced it here in this amazing 6-part diet. It is a perfect compliment to her in-person Pound a Day program, for those who already know and love Dr. Polo's results, and a great first start for those wanting to make dramatic lifestyle changes.

- Learn how to fuel your body with REAL food. This diet introduces important nutrition concepts in a non-intimidating way;

- Know which foods you need to ELIMINATE in order to best support your body;

- Begin to practice SELF-LOVE and you will learn to stop the negative self-talk that is sabotaging your efforts;

- And with your new confidence and control, learn to ELIMINATE EMOTIONAL EATING for good so you can get back to fuelling your body for one purpose: energy!


This course is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. While the course author is a trained and practicing naturopath, it is recommended that you visit with a doctor or naturopath for personalized recommendations.

There are no refunds after purchase.

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Dr. Allana Polo
Dr. Allana Polo

Dr. Allana Polo is an award winning naturopathic physician practicing in New Westminster, British Columbia. She has helped more than 5,000 individuals lose weight through her signature weight loss program, Pound a Day. She is committed to helping people making lasting lifestyle changes towards a healthy, more vibrant life. She is regularly featured on news media.

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